Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Three Beautiful Mothers

There are three lovely women I consider my mothers. The first one is my Mommy Bai, the woman who pushed with all her might to bring me into this world. It was always her name I cried out whenever I gave birth. The second one would be my grandmother, Mommy Owa. She raised me until the start of my teenage years when Allah S.W.T. decided it was time for her to rest. Until now, it is only when I dream of her that I feel truly safe. The third one would be my Babaykulay, my Mommy Owa's best friend. I always search for the care and love she gave me.

As I tread on the rigorous roads of life, these women always manage to creep into my thoughts. Even if I were so busy with work, they never fail to enter my mind. Well, this saddens me because it makes me realize that I will never see them again in this life. Whenever I dream of them, I cannot help but feel relieved. They are there with me again. But when I wake up, reality sinks in and I have to re-accept that I need to survive on my own.

How I wish I could just spend one day with the three of them. I envision a cozy coffee shop where they are just there, listening to my tales of survival, and maybe even scolding me for mistakes I have done. But then, even if these mistakes were committed, I always know they would be the only ones who truly understand me and would even love me no matter what. When they were alive, they loved me amidst the scolding and constant nagging. A spoiled brat like me deserved that anyway. Now, I would give anything for their scolding.

I really do not know what the future holds. I want to stop thinking and dreaming of them in order to escape from sadness and crying but i know and accept that until my heart stops beating and my mind fails to think, their presence will always linger. I guess you will only feel this kind of longing when someone you love leaves you... for good.

Mothers are to be treasured and loved. Because that is what makes a mother truly happy... love from her children. It is not the riches and confort you can give. It is time, love and concern. I may have not given my share to these women when they were alive. But God knows in every prayer I make now, they are there. I always pray for their easy and joyful eternal life. I pray for a spot for each of them in Paradise. Maybe they are the reason why I am religiously praying... I die at the thought that if I miss a prayer, they will bear the consequences in the after life. It is my only gift to them... my prayers.

Children will only realize their mothers' worth when they are gone. That's reality and the sad truth. While mothers love unconditionally all throughout, children tend to love conditionally. So to all children out there, give your mothers a love-filled kiss because for them, that is already Heaven on Earth.